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In 1950, Howard Coghlan started a law firm specializing in representation of clients active in the oil and gas industry by providing title opinions, preparing transactional documents and offering legal counsel regarding all aspects of the industry. Soon the firm grew to a full-service law firm, including estate planning, probate, civil litigation, negotiation of complex agreements and representation of clients in contested lawsuits in Longview and all of the surrounding East Texas counties. By the mid-1970’s, the Coghlan firm had expanded its influence into the coal and lignite industry and was considered the pre-eminent energy law firm in the Northeast Texas area.

The lawyers of Coghlan Crowson aspire to continue that level of excellence, whether we are preparing title opinions, litigating disputes or offering counsel to clients who are trying to avoid a controversy. We are constantly involved in sophisticated negotiations and take pride in resolving problems, issues and challenges for individuals and businesses involved in the oil, gas and energy industry.

Three of our attorneys are Board Certified in Oil, Gas and Mineral Law, a confirmation of our expertise, experience and commitment to the industry. Our attorneys carry on a decades long commitment of providing guidance to clients in need of help in navigating the challenges relating to the ever-changing landscape of the energy industry.

We have rendered legal services to assist in matters such as the following:

  • Transactions
  • Title opinions
  • Lease interpretations
  • Surface damage claims
  • Construction agreements

We have also litigated conflicts such as the following:

  • Downhole tubular failures
  • Drilling and completion operations claims
  • Joint operating agreement disputes
  • Oilfield personal injuries
  • Eminent domain

These topics are not all we are capable of handling for our clients. If you are a business owner or interested party involved in the oil and gas industry, we encourage you to reach out to us for any and all legal matters you may have. Our Longview attorneys for oil, gas, and energy resources are capable of responding to your needs, no matter what they are.

Learn more about our services when you schedule a consultation with us. Get in touch by calling if your are a new client or if you are an existing client. You can also complete our online contact form.

Let Us Help You Negotiate Complex Contracts

There are many unique aspects of the oil, gas, and energy resources industry that are commonly addressed in the legal agreements between resource extraction companies and landowners.

Some of these contracts can include the following:

  • Participation agreements
  • Farmouts
  • Acquisition agreements
  • Oil, gas, and mineral leases

Your rights and interests are important. Let our oil, gas, and energy resources attorneys in Longview help you ensure they are properly protected by helping you draft, review, and negotiate terms to these crucial contracts.

Personalized Legal Guidance

All clients of Coghlan Crowson, LLP benefit from our personalized legal guidance. We are keenly aware that in many situations, the best possible chances for success can be secured by understanding and responding to the client’s unique needs.

We actively seek to gain as much insight as possible into our clients, the situations they are up against, and what their goals are for what happens in the end. With this input, we are capable of providing a personalized legal strategy that accounts for these factors. In doing so, we are able to identify options and solutions that the client may not have even known were possible.

Knowing as much about our clients and their goals also helps us to approach their needs in a proactive manner. By taking steps that can avoid or mitigate foreseeable problems, we can help our clients take the next steps toward success with greater confidence.

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